metal deck railing

Creating A Safe And Stylish Deck With The Proper Railings

Decks are great places to sit, watch the sun set, gaze at a lake or enjoy a day outside in peace.  When building a deck however, we need to ensure that everything is safe and secure.  The last thing we want to happen is have someone fall off the side.  Installing the proper metal deck railing will help ensure a safe experience and a lovely astatic.

metal deck railing

Measure the size of your deck

Before installing a railing make sure that you have the proper measurements for your railings.  When purchasing railing pieces they typically come in a kit.  This kit will be in five to seven foot sections.  These sections will be screwed together to form your completed railing.

Ensure everything is level

When installing the railing you want to make sure everything is level. The odds are that the deck itself will be level all around but there may be issues with warped boards, odd angles and more.  Ensuring that the deck is level and ready for the railing will save you a lot of headache.

Prepare your kit

When you have tour railing kit do a sample run before you start to install the pieces.  Carefully, align the pieces where they are to go and lye them on the ground.  The pattern you use should line up with their standing position.  Once you have everything lined up all you need to do is raise up the pieces and fasten them with screws.

Strength test

Once your sections are installed push firmly against the railing to ensure that it doesn’t budge, wobble or wiggle.  If after putting your weight against the railing and nothing happens you can be fairly assured that the railings are secure. 

Watch after storms

When we have storms you will want to make sure that the railings don’t move or shift.  As time passes railings may become unsteady so keeping an one on them will help ensure that they remain safe.