anodizing tank

Tools And Resources When Anodizing Materials

Working on any project making sure that you have the right tools and equipment is key to your success. The same goes when using an anodizing tank in your workshop or garage.  When we have and use the proper tools we increase our safety as well as the quality of the finished product.


When working with metals and chemicals using a liner will help keep our initial containers clean.  Disposable bins and containers are cheap and when used create a barrier between your container and other jobs.  If we were to use the same containers over and over again without a liner, the chance of cross contamination or impurities entering our workspace are increased.

Galvanized Tanks

If using a liner is not your desired tool then consider a galvanized tank.  When using a galvanized tank we are creating a protective barrier between the chemicals and finished product.  Since the chemicals will not be affecting the galvanized material it will be just like using a liner but without the extra costs and waste.

Drip pans

When working with any type of material having a drip pan under your work area will help to ensure that your materials don’t come in contact with cement floors, workbenches and other surfaces that you are working on.  This drip pan can then be either disposed of or reused depending on the contact with chemicals.

Chemical Storage Tanks

anodizing tank

When working with chemicals you will want a safe place to store them.  These can be new chemicals that you plan to use as well as chemicals that have become contaminated, dirty or used.  When we store these chemicals in storage tanks they can easily be transported and disposed of in the proper legal way.

When using the correct tools in our projects we ensure that we are working in safe, secure and clean environments.  Be safe and work safe.